Aldicarb Labeled In Tennessee For 2018

By Scott Stewart, IPM Extension Specialist — 

aglogic logoIt came as kind of surprise to me to find out that AgLogic 15G (aldicarb), a replacement for Temik, is labeled in Tennessee. My understanding is that the label will expire June 30.

Thus, those wanting to apply this product in-furrow for control of thrips and nematodes in cotton can do so in 2018. However, you need to plan ahead because few planters in Tennessee are set up to apply in-furrow granular products, and there is likely little benefit in using an insecticide seed treatment if AgLogic is used.

It is unclear to me how much, if any, AgLogic is available for sale in Tennessee or how much it costs. Please check with your local retailers if you are interested.

As a reminder, aldicarb is acutely toxicity to mammals and must be handled carefully. The standard use rate ranges from 3.5 – 5 pounds of product per acre, with the 5 pound rate often used where nematodes are a problem.

Please see the label restrictions associated with certain soil types and other restrictions. Download the label by clicking here.

Scott Stewart is a professor of entomology and IPM Extension specialist at the University of Tennessee’s West Tennessee Research and Education Center in Jackson. He may be reached at

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