Developing Nematode-Resistant Cotton Varieties

Featured New Product Evaluator: Chad Brown, from Lubbock, Texas

Nematode pressure can cripple a cotton field. Deltapine® NPE Chad Brown of Lubbock, Texas, says that Deltapine® develops a number of nematode-resistant varieties without sacrificing quality.

  • Deltapine determines nematode pressure through soil samples.
  • NPE farmers test and evaluate many varieties before they go to market
  • Yield and grade remain at high levels in the resistant varieties.

Through the Deltapine® New Product Evaluator (NPE) Program, noted cotton farmers across the country work with Deltapine® to bring the best varieties to market. NPEs plant potential varieties on their own farms and provide valuable insight about performance, quality and yield. Thanks to the NPEs, Deltapine® can offer cotton varieties that have been proven to thrive in specific soils and climates throughout the Cotton Belt. To learn more about how Deltapine® relies on research, visit

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