Stoneville Jeans Reflect Unique Style, Quality

What Mills Want- Aug.BY ANDREW OLAH

Stoneville’s Quality

photo_customer_jan14We all know that once upon a time there was a Mr. Levi Strauss, who came to America from Bavaria and started selling jeans to miners in San Francisco. We also know there was a Mr. Henry Davis Lee who started another jean company. Both gentlemen left legacies that exponentially exceed anything they could have ever imagined.

But when you go shopping today, one of the things you notice is that most of the jean brand names you see have no meaning at all. What does an “Arizona” jean mean? What does it stand for? Why would a brand called “Faded Glory” appeal?

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 2.30.46 PMThe reason we decided to start Stoneville Jeans is because the Stoneville Seed brand began in 1922 and kept satisfied customers for 91 years. This brand obviously stands tall and is reliable. In addition, to us it’s clear that seeds are the essence of all jeans. Stoneville Seed delivers quality, and customers know the brand will continue to provide the right product in the future.

Important Values

We love these concepts, and our dream jeans will share the values – hearty and tough, while delivering what you should expect from the Stoneville pedigree.

In addition, our jean will be one of the only jeans ever made that is totally transparent. Consumers will be told which farm grew the cotton, the spinner that made the yarn, the dyer that turned the yarn indigo, the weaver that wove the denim and finally the factory that made both the garment and washed the jeans. We are proud of our supply chain and unlike most garments sold in the world, our garments will have a crystal clear supply chain partnership.

Washing jeans is generally a filthy process, but our jeans are washed by one of the greenest, cleanest laundries in the world. No one will have to take our word for that.

We will never be a jean for the celebrity-set in Hollywood or New York nightclubs. We don’t want to be. We want to give our customers a jean that fits, feels good and has a style that never goes out. Our jeans will be ready to order in early 2014 at


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