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Sustainable Cotton Makes Difference In Jeans Business



Protecting The Environment

5_CF 11/13 templateI have worked in the clothing business for many years, and I have seen several changes in the production and marketing of jeans. Today, we have new finishes and treatments that give designers a wide range of looks from which to choose. We also have a new appreciation for products that do not harm the environment and utilize sustainable production practices.

What’s more, there are many organizations around the world that educate consumers as to the best business practices and environmentally friendly techniques. It has become more important for consumers to learn where and how their clothes are produced. In fact, consumers today demand product transparency.

As a consumer, I always wonder about where a product came from, but not all brands identify the specific origin of its components, let alone its production practices. Such transparency is often neglected, which makes purchasing decisions that much harder for me to make.

It’s very intriguing and exciting to think that Bayer CropScience has the ability to offer brands and retailers the chance to use sustainable cotton that has a transparent supply chain. For example, Bayer’s new e3 program allows companies to measure the environmental footprint of farmers’ production of cotton. Also, this program allows brands to track where cotton is produced. And brands can highlight such transparent details on their garments so that consumers can determine which clothes work best for them.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 8.44.45 AMSpecial Denim Awards

As we recently announced, my company, HTNK, a fashion recruitment and consultancy firm, along with the House of Denim + Jean School in Amsterdam and Olah Inc., has teamed up with Bayer e3 to sponsor the Global Denim Awards in Amsterdam. This program recognizes young designers for their commitment to sustainable production. The Global Denim Awards give brands and retailers a chance to find fresh, new designs, while supporting sustainable production.

To learn more about the Global Denim Awards, please go to


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