BASF introduces new FiberMax and Stoneville seed varieties for the 2024 season


BASF is further expanding its FiberMax and Stoneville cotton seed industry-leading portfolio with the addition of four new varieties for the 2024 growing season.

With these strong additions, the FiberMax and Stoneville cotton seed portfolio includes a total of 18 varieties. All new varieties feature Axant Flex herbicide tolerance technology, cotton’s first quad-stacked herbicide trait**.

“The addition of these new FiberMax and Stoneville varieties provides growers numerous versatile options to support high-yield potential, excellent fiber quality and strong insect and weed control,” said Bryan Perry, head of seeds and traits for BASF. “We understand a successful season starts with a high-performing seed, and we are excited to share these new varieties with growers to help provide a strong foundation for their cotton acres.”

The high-performing new varieties include:

  • FM 765AX*: FM 765AX is one of the new varieties for the high plains region**. Built with the Axant Flex trait package, this variety with early-mid maturity delivers resistance to bacterial blight, Verticillium tolerance and resistance to Root-Knot Nematodes. Look to this FiberMax cotton variety for high gin turnout potential and excellent storm tolerance.
  • FM 868AXTP*: FM 868AXTP is a new FiberMax cotton variety with the Axant Flex TwinLink Plus trait package suitable for the southwest and far west regions**. For good root-knot nematode resistance and three-gene lepidopteran resistance, look no further than this medium maturity variety. With a larger seed, this variety offers excellent emergence and outstanding early-season vigor alongside excellent storm tolerance.
  • FM 823AXTP*: The new FM 823AXTP variety with the Axant Flex TwinLink Plus trait package in BASF’s FiberMax cotton seed delivers for growers in the high plains and rolling plains of Texas and Oklahoma, as well as the far west regions**. This new variety offers medium maturity, excellent storm tolerance and a high gin turnout potential with resistance to bacterial blight, Verticillium wilt tolerance and resistance to root-knot nematodes and lepidopteran.
  • ST 6000AXTP*: ST 6000AXTP is a new variety built with the Axant Flex TwinLink Plus trait package in BASF’s Stoneville cotton seed**. This medium to full maturity variety is suitable across the cotton belt. For a strong variety with resistance to bacterial blight, good root-knot nematode resistance, three-gene lepidopteran resistance, excellent fiber quality and a high gin turnout potential, choose ST 6000AXTP.

Powered by a proprietary new germplasm from BASF, Axant Flex Technology includes outstanding weed control and is bred to include native traits that help control yield-robbing pests, like root-knot nematodes and reniform nematodes as well as tolerance to other diseases such as verticillium wilt and bacterial blight.

BASF is committed to ongoing investments in the cotton industry to best meet the needs of its growers doing the Biggest Job on Earth. FiberMax and Stoneville cotton are regularly enhanced with trait development to ensure cotton growers can effectively manage their crops and get the most out of every acre. To learn more about the best cottonseed varieties for your field, talk with your local retailer or a BASF representative, or visit FiberMax.comor

*Individual results may vary. Information provided is based on experience with tests, trials, or practices as well as general observations. BASF does not guarantee the results noted above and grower is solely responsible for farming management practices and decisions, including, without limitation, selecting seed best suitable for the intended growth and use under grower’s local conditions.

** Availability of cotton seed containing the Axant Flex Technology for the 2024 growing season and beyond is subject to many factors, and such seed may not be available in all cotton-growing areas. Commercial sales of cotton seed containing the Axant Flex Technology will be subject to contractual terms and conditions and stewardship obligations, which may include among other requirements restrictions on where the crop resulting from such seed may be sold, transferred and/or exported.

Always read and follow label directions. At time of compilation of this press release, no HPPD herbicide is registered for use with cotton. Axant, TwinLink, FiberMax and Stoneville are registered trademarks of BASF Corporation. ©2024 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved.

This information is provided by BASF.

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