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BASF launches e3 Sustainable Cotton Grower Fund

e3 cotton logoBASF recently launched the e3 Sustainable Cotton Grower Fund, a unique effort to provide additional economic support for cotton farmers in the e3 Sustainable Cotton program who commit to growing sustainable cotton.

Brands, retailers, mills and other cotton fiber value chain companies sourcing e3 Sustainable Cotton will have the opportunity to contribute a monetary amount to the fund. At the end of each year, 100% of those funds will be distributed equally to e3 Sustainable Cotton farmers in addition to a $2.50-per-bale premium BASF provides to farmers enrolled in the program.

“Our program is based on three pillars, one of which is to grow sustainable cotton in an economically viable way,” said Jennifer Gasque-Crumpler, e3 Sustainable Cotton program manager for BASF. “Our vision for honest, fair, sustainable cotton isn’t possible without our dedicated farmers. We’re grateful to our cotton fiber value chain collaborators who also understand the importance of rewarding their effort and are joining us in this first-of-its-kind commitment.”

Cotton farmers like Donny Lassiter will be direct recipients of the fund. Lassiter has grown Stoneville cotton in North Carolina for nearly 20 years and has been part of the e3 Sustainable Cotton program since 2016. He recognizes the part farmers play in driving positive change in the industry.

“My goal as a farmer is to make a difference and make my farm, our communities and our world a better place. Not only does the e3 Sustainable Cotton program position us to achieve that goal, but this fund also demonstrates the support given to farm families from BASF.”

The e3 Sustainable Cotton Grower Fund is part of a program that provides field-level traceability and is driven by comprehensive verification and a valued reputation for growing socially equitable, economically viable and environmentally responsible cotton.

Farmers who are part of the e3 Sustainable Cotton program commit to tracking eight sustainability measures with 100% of their cotton acres, ranging from water use and pesticide management to soil conservation and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Through a series of digital platforms, the cotton they grow can be traced from an individual cotton bale in their field all the way to the end consumer.

To learn more about the e3 Sustainable Cotton program, visit

BASF contributed this article.

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