Corteva rebrands spinosyn insecticide active ingredients

corteva logoCorteva Inc. plans to rebrand the active ingredients in its spinosyn insecticides, which include spinosad and spinetoram.

The new global brand name for spinosad will be Qalcova active (pronounced “kal-KO-vuh”) and for spinetoram, Jemvelva active (pronounced “jem-VEL-vuh”). Together, these two naturally derived active ingredients provide farmers worldwide with effective insect control options for more than 250 crops, including fruits, vegetables, soybeans, corn, rice, cotton and others.

As many other chemical companies have done recently, Corteva is branding its active ingredients and will have a yet different brand name for each product itself.

Produced through a proprietary natural fermentation process, Qalcova is the active ingredient in products including Entrust organic insecticide and Success insecticide, and Jemvelva is the active ingredient in Radiant and Delegate insecticides and other brands. They belong to the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee Group 5.

The new names specifically recall a connection to nature, according to a news release. Qalcova was inspired by “alcove,” reflecting the product’s proven ability to provide natural protection. Jemvelva incorporates “gem” and “velvet,” suggesting a naturally derived, hidden treasure that’s soft and gentle on the environment.

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