Enrollment Now Open for e3 Sustainable Cotton Program from BASF

Self-enrollment for e3 Sustainable Cotton is open through Dec. 31
The e3 Sustainable Cotton program helps growers maximize the potential value of their cotton through a user-friendly digital platform that integrates with most existing software.

Enrollment for the e3® Sustainable Cotton program is now open. From seed to bale, the e3 Sustainable Cotton program by BASF provides an entirely traceable and transparent sustainable cotton supply chain — all stewarded by Stoneville and FiberMax cotton growers in the U.S.

Growers who enroll in e3 Sustainable Cotton commit to track eight on-farm environmental and social measures, including water use, pesticide management, soil conservation and greenhouse gas emissions reduction for each bale of cotton produced.

Self-enrollment is open through Dec. 31, 2023. New this season, Concierge enrollment will be available through the program’s dedicated enrollment specialists who can assist growers as they complete their sustainability questionnaire and upload bale information from the gin.

Concierge enrollment will be open from Jan. 1 through March 31, 2024. Through a simple integration with their existing farm management systems and local gin software platforms, the program makes it easy for growers to participate with the confidence of knowing their data is secure and discreet.

“Transparency matters, especially today,” said Ray Daniels, Seed Sustainability Manager at BASF.

“Consumer demand to know where cotton and textiles come from is increasing, and the e3 Sustainable Cotton program provides our growers with the tools to both demonstrate the sustainability of their operation and provide transparency to the textile supply chain. Participation in the e3 Sustainable Cotton program helps growers maximize their value potential and show their buyers that sustainability isn’t just a buzz word.”

In 2022, enrolled growers in the e3 Sustainable Cotton program made significant positive impacts in sustainable cotton production.

  • Produced 203 million pounds — 112,082 traceable bales — of sustainable FiberMax and Stoneville cotton.
  • Saved 489,653 U.S. tons of soil from being lost to erosion on just 3,60,691 acres.
  • Reduced 3,691 U.S. tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.
  • 79% of e3 Sustainable Cotton growers used reduced tillage practices.
  • 73% of e3 Sustainable Cotton growers built up carbon.

*Based on 2022 MyFarms data and calculations of the sustainability contributions of e3 Sustainable Cotton growers’ production practices.

To learn more about e3 Sustainable Cotton, visit e3cotton.us, or talk to your local BASF Agronomic Solutions Advisor to see how BASF can help tell your sustainability story.

e3, FiberMax and Stoneville are registered trademarks of BASF Corporation. ©2023 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved.

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