FiberMax Celebrates 25 Years in West Texas Cotton

West Texas is home to nearly 50% of the cotton grown in the US, so it makes sense that 25 years ago Lubbock was the starting point of an iconic cotton seed brand, FiberMax. To celebrate this important milestone, BASF and Lubbock played host for two days to celebrate the past and share a glimpse into the future of cotton.

FiberMax 25th Anniversary Dinner and Program

On Wednesday, October 5, FiberMax cotton supporters – from past and present -gathered at the FiberMax Center for Discovery to share a meal and some memories to help celebrate 25 successful years of the cotton brand.

BASF Area Manager Mark Kelling walked attendees through a timeline of more than two decades of achievements, struggles and stories. One thing became very clear, the Lubbock community and the people behind the cotton industry in West Texas have been and always will be critical to the success of FiberMax cotton.

One memorable moment that evening was a panel discussion that brought together four individuals who contributed greatly to the introduction and success of FiberMax cotton in West Texas: Harvey Buehring, Mike Gilbert, Lee Rivenbark, and Linda Trolinder. Each of them shared their individual journey working with the brand. A common theme that emerged from their comments: it’s the passionate people behind the brand that make all the difference and leave a lasting impression on everyone that interacts with FiberMax cotton.

“The years in businesses, personal achievements, those milestones are made that much sweeter when you work with extraordinary people,” said Linda Trollinder, Senior Vice President Research & Development – Seeds & Traits at BASF. “To me, it always comes back to the people and it’s the reason I love this job and this brand in particular.”

Lubbock Field Day

The following day, the BASF cotton team hosted its annual Field Day at its breeding and trait development station in Lubbock. The agriculture community was invited to learn about FiberMax cotton’s latest varieties and trait innovations including Axant™ Flex Herbicide Trait Technology as well as the BASF crop protection solutions available to cotton growers.

The crowd gathers for the annual BASF Field Day in Lubbock, Texas. Photo courtesy of BASF.

“Regulatory approval is still pending for Axant Flex herbicide trait technology, but that’s not stopping the excitement for the launch of this product,” said Cory Mills BASF U.S. Cotton Breeding Manager. “ Variety performance in the field is looking really strong. We’ve got excellent germplasm and will be ready to bring this to market in 2024. It’s going to be a game-changer for our growers.”

FiberMax cotton’s success is largely accredited to its stakeholders. The team plans to continue thriving in West Texas with the help of passionate individuals who are determined to deliver value to cotton growers for decades more to come.

For more information on FiberMax, visit or reach out to your local BASF representative.

Disclaimer: Axant is a trademark of BASF for the HPPD tolerant trait. The trait is pending regulatory approval for commercialization in cotton.

BASF contributed this information.

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