Wednesday, May 29, 2024

PhytoGen adds new Pima variety to 2021 lineup

PHY 807 Pima cotton
PhytoGen brand PHY 807 RF has increased tolerance to FOV4 (Fusarium wilt race 4).

PhytoGen cottonseed, Corteva Agriscience’s U.S. cottonseed brand, recently added PhytoGen brand PHY 807 RF to its 2021 lineup of Pima varieties.

“The newest addition to our Pima varieties delivers the same quality lint and fiber characteristics growers have come to expect from us,” Joel Faircloth, U.S. cotton portfolio manager for PhytoGen cottonseed, said in a news release. “The difference is PHY 807 RF has even greater yield potential and a more robust tolerance to FOV4 (Fusarium wilt race 4) to help protect that yield.”

The new variety complements PhytoGen brand PHY 881 RF.

“We advanced PhytoGen brand PHY 807 RF after seeing its strong performance in California university trials from Los Banos to Buttonwillow,” said Jennifer Crawford, PhytoGen cotton development specialist. “Across all five trials, PHY 807 RF yielded 102% to 115% of the leading commercial Pima varieties.”

The variety also performed well with key cotton producers throughout the Central Valley of California as well as the Pima-growing regions in Arizona, she said.

“We’re excited about this addition. And it’s just the beginning of the next wave. On the heels of this release are two to three more Pimas in the advanced stages of testing,” Crawford said.


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