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2014 Consultant of the Year: Stan Winslow

Jan 2015 Cotton Farming_Page_17_Image_0001What motivates a person to pursue a career as a cotton consultant? No matter how that question is posed, you might receive numerous answers. But, one familiar theme rings true for those who have chosen this career – commitment. A consultant is the farmer’s partner year-round and treats his customers’ acreage as if it were his own. Just call him the farmer’s version of the family doctor who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For that reason, it is not surprising that so many people in northeast North Carolina and southeast Virginia reacted positively to the announcement that Stan Winslow of Belvidere, N.C., was named the 2014 Cotton Consultant of the Year.

For more than three decades, Stan has devoted himself to agriculture in this region. When he received his undergraduate degree from North Carolina State University in 1978, he began a long journey toward his ultimate goal.

At every stop along the way, Stan has built a reputation based on trust, hard work and excellent recommendations to farmers. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he spent 13 years as an Extension agent and then made the transition to becoming a consultant in 1991.

In 1998, Stan started Tidewater Agronomics, Inc., and has grown his business into a thriving consulting and contract research company with 15 full-time employees.

“All I can say about this award is that it is a team effort,” he says. “Everybody contributes, and I am just honored to be included in such a wonderful group of past winners.”

Like many previous winners of this award, Winslow is quick to give others credit for whatever success he has enjoyed throughout such a long career.

“I have to give my wife Lou Ann and the good Lord all the credit,” he says. “I know that I couldn’t have done any of this by myself.”

Obviously, it’s a labor of love that motivates Stan, his family and staff as they help local farmers make the best possible decisions on cotton, wheat, soybeans, corn, potatoes and other crops.

His farmer-customers are unanimous in their praise for his expertise and the manner in which he conducts business with them every day.

Producer Walter Cartwright of Hertford, N.C., has worked with Winslow for 20 years and says he trusts him “99.9 percent of the time” on crop recommendations.

“He is very committed to his farmers,” he says. “He treats my cotton like it’s his, and he doesn’t miss a thing. He’s also a fine Christian man who con- ducts himself with integrity.”

When a consultant receives that kind of praise from a long-time customer, nothing else needs to be said. It’s an example of farmers appreciating the hard work of their consultant.

Stan Winslow is quick to credit his family and staff for the success of Tidewater Agronomics, Inc. Because the company has both consulting and research services, a farmer receives additional data and information during the crop year.

“We have a dedicated staff,” says Stan. “As our business has grown, we’ve expanded our services and increased the number of employees. It’s a win-win situation for our customers.”

Tidewater Argonomics Staff

Currently, Tidewater Agronomics scouts between 8,000 and 10,000 cotton acres, 40,000 acres of soybeans, 20,000 acres of wheat, 5,000 acres of potatoes, 5,000 acres of corn and a small number of cabbage, melon and peanut acres.

The staff of Tidewater Agronomics, Inc., includes (first row) Stan Winslow, Matt Winslow, Tim Phelps and Daniel Forbes. (Second row) Jason Sweeney, Zach Staples, Dale Weeks, Lee Dail and Adam Russell. (Third Row) Teresa Warren, Lisa Bruce-Ross, Josh Harrell and Brandon Rull. (Not pictured) David Jethro and Cindy Weeks.

Personal And Career History

Jan 2015 Cotton Farming_Page_20_Image_0001
The Winslow family includes (from left) Matt, Amanda and Colt Winslow; Stan and Lou Ann Winslow; Ashley and David Jethro; and Austin and Lacey Winslow. (Front) Caden Winslow and Eliza Grace Jethro.

Born and raised in Belvidere, N.C. Still resides in the same
location today.

• Earned B.S. degree from N.C. State University.
• Worked as Extension county agent until 1991.
• Worked with Peele Ag Consulting until 1997.
• Started Tidewater Agronomics, Inc., in 1998.
• Instrumental in helping implement integrated pest
management programs during his Extension career.
• Active in N.C. Ag Consultants organization.
• Past president of National Alliance of Independent Crop
Consultants (NAICC).
• Past president of N.C. Ag Consultants Association.
• Has customers in both North Carolina and Virginia.

Family Life
He and wife Lou Ann have three children (Matt, Ashley and Austin) and three grandchildren, Colt Winslow, Caden Winslow and Eliza Grace Jethro.



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