Wednesday, May 29, 2024

California OKs new BASF insecticide

sefina insecticideThe California Department of Pesticide Regulation recently registered Sefina Inscalis insecticide from BASF for use on cotton.

Containing the active ingredient Inscalis, the brand name for afidopyropen, the product is both an insecticide and ovicide.

It is labeled for whiteflies and aphids in cotton and carries a seven-day preharvest interval. Sefina is active against egg, early instar and adult whitefly life stages.

Maximum application rates are 26 ounces per acre for whiteflies and 3 ounces per acre for aphids. The label recommends applying it in 10 gallons of water per acre by ground or 2 gallons per acre by air. No more than 28 fluid ounces of afidopyropen can be applied per acre per year, according to the label.

The chemistry disrupts the sensory responses of target insects, quickly stopping feeding and slowing the spread of diseases, according to BASF.

Sefina belongs to the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee Group 9D.


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