Feb. 2015 Cotton Industry News

PhytoGen Introduces New Varieties For 2015
PhytoGen has announced its lineup of new cotton varieties for 2015, and they will have three-gene insect trait technology and industry leading rootknot- nematode (RKN) and bacterial blight resistance.

One of the most broadly adaptable new varieties being launched with outstanding yield potential is PhytoGen’s PHY 333 WRF.

This variety is an early to midmaturing option with excellent fiber quality and high yield potential, especially on irrigated, fertile soil.

PhytoGen’s PHY 495 W3RF is the first threegene Bt product on the market, an excellent option for producers concerned with yield losses due to cotton bollworm.

PhytoGen’s PHY 417 WRF and PHY 427 WRF are early to mid-season varieties that feature full rootknot- nematode resistance. Both are short-season varieties that feature strong yield potential and fiber qualities. PHY 417 WRF is best suited for Texas and Oklahoma while PHY 427 WRF fits the Mid- South and Southeast.

PhytoGen is also introducing the first early season variety for West Texas, PhytoGen PHY 222 WRF. It’s the earliest maturing variety in the lineup, specifically bred for consistent high yield potential along with storm tolerance.

Many PhytoGen varieties are returning for 2015, including:

  • PHY 339 WRF
  • PHY 367 WRF
  • PHY 375 WRF
  • PHY 499 WRF
  • PHY 575 WRF
  • PHY 725 RF
  • PHY 755 WRF
  • PHY 805 RF

For more information, go to www.phytogen.com.

BASF Ready To Launch Engenia Herbicide
Cotton and soybean producers will gain a new tool for controlling more than 190 broadleaf weeds, including key glyphosate-resistant weeds.

USDA has announced deregulation of a dicamba-tolerant trait for cotton and soybeans, which clears the way for the introduction of Engenia herbicide from BASF.

Engenia herbicide will control the toughest broadleaf weeds post-emergence in dicamba-tolerant cotton and soybeans.

A registration decision by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Engenia herbicide is anticipated soon.

For additional information on BASF Crop Protection products, interested persons may contact their sales representative or visit the company’s website at http://agproducts.basf.us.

Bayer Expects Registration Of Insecticide/Nematicide
Bayer CropScience anticipates the registration of its newest insecticide/ nematicide for the 2015 cotton and peanut season in the Southeast. Velum Total insecticide/nematicide will deliver wide spectrum control of nematodes and early season insects.

Velum Total is a blend of active ingredients that work together to combat nematodes and stop insect damage. Applied in-furrow at planting, university trials show that Velum Total enhances root health and helps establish strong early season growth, decreasing the need for additional foliar sprays to control damaging insect pests.

A full launch is expected in 2016. For more information, go to https://www.bayercropscience.us/products/ insecticides.

Dow Announces ‘Transform My Community’ Contest
Cotton farming is more than a job. It’s a way of life deeply rooted in community. Transform WG insecticide from Dow AgroSciences helps protect cotton yields and the rich heritage of cotton farming. Now it can help transform one lucky winner’s community. Dow AgroSciences will provide a $10,000 award to help make the winning idea happen.

“Transform My Community” is open to cotton producers and cotton consultants. They are encouraged to tell their stories about why a charity or organization would benefit from a $10,000 donation on behalf of the winner.

The contest is co-sponsored by Cotton Farming magazine. Deadline for entries is March 31. For additional information, consultants and producers can visit www.TransformMyCommunity.com.

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