Monday, May 20, 2024

Many herbicides are in tight supply — what are the substitutes?

• By Larry Steckel •

pesticide jugs
Photo by Garo Goodrow, Pennsylvania State University

The constant word I am hearing from retailers is that many herbicides are in tight or limited supply going into the spring. This all started back in late January when the most commonly used spring wheat herbicide, Axial Bold, sold out quickly and was followed shortly by Osprey. This was followed with reports of 2,4-D being in short supply.

Now the reports are that the generic glyphosate products are very tight. Roundup PowerMax III supply seems to be in better shape, though some apparently are allocating it as well.

My understanding is that a lot of other popular herbicides have been allocated and could be short at times this spring like Liberty, Anthem Maxx, Zidua, generic dicamba and generic fomesafen, just to name a few.

Every year it seems that some herbicides are being allocated due to supply issues. However, this year is apparently more widespread.

With this in mind, some have had questions about what herbicide might be a good substitute for their first choice if it’s not available. Please visit the 2021 Tennessee Weed Control Manual, which is a good source to help answer these questions.

Dr. Larry Steckel is a University of Tennessee Extension weed specialist. He may be reached at

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