Classic ‘Fabric of Our Lives’ Jingle Reimagined

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Stacey Gorman,
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A pillar of Cotton Incorporated’s mission is to promote all things cotton. The organization’s goal is to get consumers — everyday people — to care about what’s in the clothes and home furnishings they buy.

Cotton Incorporated has been working for more than 50 years to educate consumers about the fantastic benefits of cotton and why it is “The Fabric of Our Lives.” One of the most effective ways to educate the masses is through consumer advertising campaigns.

People could use a laugh these days after more than a year of pandemic-related stress, anxiety and sadness. And that’s part of what Cotton Incorporated’s latest The Fabric of Our Lives campaign brings to consumers on broadcast, streaming and digital outlets. It’s also reminding viewers how the confidence, comfort and relatability of cotton fit into Americans’ everyday lives.

Everyday People

The new ads feature singer and television host Carnie Wilson, who offers piano accompaniment and fun, light banter about the cotton outfits worn by “everyday people.” Viewers will meet “Rita,” who feels powerful in her cotton jumpsuit as she takes on a post-COVID dating world, and “Jamie,” who can lead her team meetings with confidence in her breathable cotton blazer.

One ad will feature “Chris,” who jokes that he used to be a nice guy, but now that he’s wearing his plaid cotton shirt, he has hands that can fix stuff. “Reclaimed wood,” cracks Wilson before comically singing, “Cotton, the fabric of Chris’ lumberjack life.”

Wilson says it’s fun to think about how she’s continuing the jingle for her kids and their generation with this year’s campaign.

“The Fabric of Our Lives is one of those jingles that just stays with you,” she says. “I can’t remember the first time I heard it. I think it’s always been a part of the American soundtrack. The Fabric of Our Lives is a jingle everyone seems to know even if you can’t pinpoint the first time you heard it.”

Cotton Board chairman and Georgia cotton producer Jimmy Webb is pleased with the new consumer campaign.

“We rely on the expertise of Cotton Incorporated’s consumer marketing team to keep cotton top of mind for consumers. I trust in their vision and am excited about these new commercials,” he says. “I love that Cotton Incorporated continues to develop relevant content for today’s consumers. Bringing back a refreshed version of the classic Fabric of Our Lives jingle seems like a great way to keep cotton relatable.”

A Campaign For The Times

new cotton board ad
The new ads feature singer and television host Carnie Wilson, who offers piano accompaniment and fun, light banter about the cotton outfits worn by “everyday people.”

The original Fabric of Our Lives campaign first aired on television on Thanksgiving Day 1989 and was performed by Richie Havens. In the early years of the jingle, singers also included Phoebe Snow and Aaron Neville. The campaign paused using the song in 2004 but reintroduced it in 2009 with commercials that featured Zooey Deschanel, Miranda Lambert and Leona Lewis.

Cotton Incorporated’s Kim Kitchings, senior vice president of consumer marketing, says the fashion industry realized that consumers were seeking comfort from familiar things over the past year. “They gain confidence when they put on their favorites clothing pieces, from soft cotton sweatshirts to favorite T-shirts and denim jeans.”

That feeling is what the latest Fabric of Our Lives campaign looks to demonstrate, even if it’s with a chuckle. As Kitchings says, “This campaign captures those emotions through relatable situations and brings a smile in a time when we’re really ready to wear one.”

Whether it’s a power blazer for Zoom meetings, a new outfit on a first date, the old tee you’ve passed on to your kids, or a flannel shirt that lets you channel your outdoorsy self, the versatility and strength of cotton brings something special to your favorite clothes. Soft, natural, easy to clean, gentle on skin — these reasons are why cotton garments end up being our favorites for so long.

To view the campaign and shop for cotton clothing inspired by the stories told in the new commercials, visit

Stacey Gorman is The Cotton Board’s director of communications. Contact her at

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