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CottonBoard.Org Website — Same Name, New Look And Feel

stacey gorman

The Cotton Board’s public-facing website, CottonBoard.Org was recently updated and refreshed. A new look and feel, along with added features, make this website an even better resource for the cotton-growing community.

Whether a cotton producer, importer or member of the general public, the CottonBoard.Org website offers users access to resources and information related to the Cotton Research and Promotion Program. 

Lexie Jones, The Cotton Board’s Director of Information Technology, and I started the redesign project in early 2022, and the updated website went live in September. “The site was last updated in 2013, so the refresh of the site was needed for both aesthetic improvements and reasons of functionality,” said Jones.

Attractive, User-Friendly Website

The new site leads with beautiful cotton imagery, in a sleek and modern design. The new design is also ADA compliant, meeting the most recent standards to accommodate visually impaired users. Improved navigation makes it easier than ever for users to find the information they need. 

When viewing the site on a desktop or laptop computer, there is a scrolling header that moves along with the page, making navigation seamless. The site is also mobile-responsive, which means it will adapt to the screen of whatever device it is being viewed on, be it a mobile phone or tablet. 

The homepage has a resource center that directs users directly to sections of the site they may find most useful. The homepage also has a stream of The Cotton Board’s social media content and allows users to share information directly from the site — all with the click of a button. 

Up-To-Date Sections

New pages and sections of the site provide portals to information and useful resources. 

Cotton & Coffee: The new site has a page dedicated to The Cotton Board’s Cotton & Coffee series. Here, users can browse upcoming Cotton & Coffee topics, register to attend a future session or view the recordings of past episodes.

Stakeholder Transparency: Information in the Stakeholder Transparency section of CottonBoard.Org includes links to The Cotton Board and Cotton Incorporated’s Annual Reports, Program governing documents, budget breakdowns, audited financial information and board rosters. 

Our Leadership: Visitors who are curious about The Cotton Board’s membership can go to the “Our Leadership” page and see a current listing of all Cotton Board Members, Alternates and Advisors. Taking this a step further, the new design allows membership to be filtered by region, industry segment or membership type. 

“Ultimately, we redesigned the site to ensure that people who were looking for information about The Cotton Board or the Cotton Research and Promotion Program had a positive experience and found the site useful, robust and easy to navigate,” said Jones.

To check out the new website, please visit CottonBoard.Org.  

Stacey Gorman is The Cotton Board’s director of communications and may be reached at

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