Memories Are Made In Cotton

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For Cotton Incorporated, consumer marketing is a strategic tool for connecting with customers, raising brand awareness for cotton and creating relationships that promote loyalty to cotton. Cotton Incorporated works hard to influence consumers to care about what’s in the clothes and home textiles they buy. Because of years of research, Cotton Incorporated knows the amazing benefits of cotton and is working hard to educate consumers about why cotton is “The Fabric of Our Lives.” One of the most effective ways to educate is through consumer marketing campaigns.

Using various marketing tactics like television and digital advertising, social media and website marketing, brand collaborations and public relations, Cotton Incorporated targets consumers with messages backed by solid consumer data insights, encouraging them to choose cotton products over alternatives like synthetic fibers. These consumer-targeted marketing activities are crucial for the cotton industry, as they help keep cotton relevant and top-of-mind for shoppers when making purchasing decisions. When consumers understand the benefits of cotton, research shows they prefer cotton more than any other fiber and have an emotional connection that no other fiber can claim. Hence, shoppers who understand the benefits are more likely to seek out and purchase products made from cotton, which helps drive demand and ensure the industry’s ongoing success.

New Advertising Campaign

In April of 2023, Cotton Incorporated’s Consumer Marketing Division launched a new consumer marketing campaign called Memories are Made in Cotton. Cotton Incorporated realized that everyone has core memories made while wearing cotton clothing. Cotton is the fabric of their go-to blue jeans, statement dress, fancy button-down and cozy hoodie. The new advertising campaign shows that cotton is as much a part of the future as it is our past.


Thematically, the campaign shows that through the significant milestones in life and the little moments in between, consumers were wearing cotton. It’s comfortable, breathable, versatile, timeless and natural. Cotton Incorporated’s new campaign utilizes the powerful phenomenon of nostalgia to establish cotton as the common thread woven through life’s best memories. The campaign not only nods to the past but encourages consumers to make new memories in cotton.

The campaign has television commercials that have run on ABC, FOX, TLC, Freeform, Bravo, E! and HGTV and on streaming channels including Hulu, Roku, Amazon, Tubi, CW and YouTube. Additionally, a robust digital and social media campaign has served campaign ads on sites including Buzzfeed, Well+Good, MindBodyGreen, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok. There was also an entire audio ad program with Pandora and Sirius.

The Power Of Nostalgia

“We develop campaigns like Memories are Made in Cotton to increase awareness of cotton’s many benefits, such as its natural comfort, versatility and durability,” said Anne David, Director of Advertising, Cotton Incorporated. “A key message we promote across all consumer marketing platforms is to check the label for cotton. We know consumers have a high emotional connection to cotton, and we want them to continue to care about what is in their clothes to actively seek out cotton.”

To make the consumer’s journey to purchase cotton easy, Cotton Incorporated has created a Shop Cotton collection featuring looks from the campaign. The collection features key pieces from the iconic eras of cotton fashion trends, like ’60s mod mini dresses and ’70s sport sets, ’80s tracksuits, ’90s grunge, and 2000s low-rise jeans and more. To shop for cotton items inspired by Cotton Incorporated’s campaign, visit and click the “Shop Cotton” icon.

When you’re shopping on your own, Cotton Incorporated encourages everyone always to check the label for cotton and keep purchasing and wearing the natural fiber that connects us all. Cotton Incorporated’s Advertising team worked with the Brand Partnership team to bring Memories are Made In Cotton to retail by promoting a curated cotton collection of retro styles with 2023 brand partner, The Zoe Report.

The new campaign uses the power of nostalgia (during the 50th Year of the Seal of Cotton trademark) to remind consumers that their best memories have a common thread: COTTON! Cotton is, and always has been, The Fabric of Our Lives because it’s woven into every facet of our everyday life: past, present and future. To find out more and see the commercials, visit 

Stacey Gorman is The Cotton Board’s director of communications. Contact her at

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