Deltapine Announces Two New Varieties

Monsanto has kicked off the new year by announcing the commercial release of two new Deltapine varieties as part of the Class of ‘15 – a root-knot nematode-resistant variety and a full-season variety that was named after one of the company’s most famous seed varieties.

The two new varieties are DP 1558NR B2RF and DP 1555 B2RF.

The announcement also coincides with Deltapine’s 100-year celebration as a seed company and innovator in cotton breeding.

Five Deltapine varieties containing triple-stacked herbicide trait technologies were presented but still await regulatory approval.

All of the announcements were made at Deltapine’s New Product Evaluator (NPE) Summit last month in Nashville, Tenn. More than 140 farmers attended the event to hear briefings about the new varieties and other cotton production topics.

Only variety candidates approved by NPE farmers are commercially approved for release.

Keylon Gholston, Deltapine cotton products manager at Monsanto, was pleased by the new announcements as well as the NPE event.

“I think the event itself was just spectacular,” he says. “Everyone seemed to have a good time in Nashville, and I think all producers like the new varieties being offered.”

Here is a summary of the two new Deltapine varieties:

DP 1558NR B2RF
This mid- to full-season variety follows in the footsteps of last year’s nematode-resistant variety, DP 1454NR B2RF. It is a full-season variety with resistance to root-knot nematodes. Adapted to the Southeastern growing region, Texas Southern High Plains and Southern Rolling Plains, it has demonstrated very high yields on fields with low to moderate root-knot nematode pressure, as well as in fields with high pressure. “It was the highest yielder in our NPE plot and averaged 1,187 pounds per acre, substantially more than the other varieties,” says producer Rodney Dawson of Hawkinsville, Ga. Deltapine officials say this variety offers some solutions for healthy cotton – mainly having a breeding trait that gives plants season-long control of nematodes while reducing pest populations and promoting root growth.

DP 1555 B2RF
In a bit of irony, this variety was named to honor one of the seed company’s best performing varieties from the past, DP 555 BG/RR. “I thought it was ironic that this variety was named after the Triple Nickel variety of more than a decade ago,” says Gholston. “It offers highyield potential – especially in highyield environments, such as the lower Mid-South and East Texas. It is advancing yield and fiber quality, but it’s also delivering lower micronaire, better strength and length. It also shows a lot of vigor.” Besides the Mid-South and East Texas, another good fit for this variety is the lower Southeast.

Deltapine XtendFlex Varieties
Pending regulatory approval, Deltapine Bollgard XtendFlex varieties are anticipated to be available for planting in 2015 – providing farmers with cotton that is tolerant to three specific herbicides: dicamba, glyphosate and glufosinate.

The varieties anticipated for introduction are:

  • DP 1518 B2XF (short season).
  • DP 1522 B2XF (short season).
  • DP 1538 B2XF (mid- to full-season).
  • DP 1553 B2XF (mid- to full-season).
  • DP 1549 B2XF (West Texas/Ariz.).

Deltapine contributed information for this article. For more details about new varieties being introduced in the Class of ‘15, interested parties may visit

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