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Corteva rebrands spinosyn insecticide active ingredients

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Corteva Inc. plans to rebrand the active ingredients in its spinosyn insecticides, which include spinosad and spinetoram. The new global brand name for spinosad will be Qalcova active (pronounced “kal-KO-vuh”) and for spinetoram, Jemvelva active (pronounced “jem-VEL-vuh”). Together, these two naturally derived active ingredients provide farmers worldwide with effective insect control options for more than 250 crops, including fruits, vegetables, ... Read More »

PhytoGen adds new Pima variety to 2021 lineup

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PhytoGen cottonseed, Corteva Agriscience’s U.S. cottonseed brand, recently added PhytoGen brand PHY 807 RF to its 2021 lineup of Pima varieties. “The newest addition to our Pima varieties delivers the same quality lint and fiber characteristics growers have come to expect from us,” Joel Faircloth, U.S. cotton portfolio manager for PhytoGen cottonseed, said in a news release. “The difference is ... Read More »

Corteva halts sale of FeXapan dicamba herbicide in U.S., Canada

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Corteva Agrscience will no longer sell FeXapan brand dicamba herbicide in the United States and Canada, according to a Feb. 22 company statement. Instead, the company will focus on its Enlist platform, which is based on crops genetically modified to tolerate over-the-top applications of 2,4-D choline. “Corteva Agriscience has made a business decision to discontinue sales of FeXapan herbicide in ... Read More »

EPA extends dicamba registrations with new rules for 5 years

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently approved registrations for two dicamba products for another five years and extended the registration of another dicamba product. All three registrations include new control measures to ensure these products can be used effectively while protecting the environment, including non-target plants, animals, and other crops not tolerant to dicamba. “With today’s decision, farmers now have ... Read More »

A Plant Protection Priority

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The National Cotton Council worked closely with EPA and agribusiness allies to ensure dicamba’s continued availability. What was the threat to dicamba? ■ After the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit vacated the 2018 registration of Xtendimax, FeXapan and Engenia dicamba herbicides under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act in June, the NCC immediately sent a letter ... Read More »

Registrants ask for rehearing of Ninth Circuit’s June 3 dicamba decision

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UPDATED — BASF, Bayer and Corteva Agriscience filed separate petitions July 20 with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit requesting a rehearing of its June 3 decision. The court’s ruling vacated Environmental Protection Agency registrations for three dicamba-based herbicides without giving two registrants an opportunity to be heard. The three dicamba products affected are Engenia from BASF, ... Read More »

Environmental groups challenge Enlist Duo registration in court

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Some of the same environmental groups that successfully challenged the registration of three dicamba formulations have filed a complaint before the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals against Enlist Duo herbicide. In their court filing, the groups, led by the National Family Farm Coalition, argues the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to register Enlist Duo violates both the Endangered Species Act ... Read More »