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2020 Harvest Update

coastal bend, Texas, cotton

October is the main month for cotton harvest in Florida. There are often tropical storms or hurricanes that can affect harvest timing and result in low yield and quality even though a good crop is made through good management over the previous four months. Many of our peanut/cotton farmers set a priority on getting peanut harvested before cotton harvest begins ... Read More »

Tips for successful harvest prep, defoliation this season

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• By Bill Robertson, Tom Barber and Jason Davis • We are quickly approaching the finish line with this cotton crop. We have a very good and uniform boll load. While hurricane Laura has changed the complexion of this crop, most believe yield projections are still very good. The abundant moisture situation from Laura has basically given our crop a ... Read More »

Harvest Preparations Underway

mississippi cotton irrigation

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a saying first attributed to a 1530s animal husbandry book in reference to sheep dogs. I’d like to think it doesn’t apply to cotton growers and ag professionals. With that assumption, I’d like to propose two harvest-time challenges. • A Quick Plant Map. After defoliation but before harvest, take 5 minutes ... Read More »

2020 Cotton Crop Update

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Florida cotton has good yield potential at this point. Weather has been mostly good for growing and fruit set. Many of our growers use conservation tillage when planting but may plant into winter fallow weeds while some plant into cover crops. Our data over the years with cover crops shows that they can help with erosion control and moisture conservation ... Read More »

Plan For A Timely, Efficient Harvest

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Harvest is almost complete in South Texas. Gins are running full blast and modules are stacked as far as you can see, according to Dr. Josh McGinty, Extension agronomist in Corpus Christi. Grades look good and yields are all over the board, with an overall average of about 2 bales per acre. According to Dr. Emi Kimura, Extension agronomist in ... Read More »

Revisiting A Special Sense Of Place

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Shared memories from our past are the links of an invisible chain that create a sense of place and a permanent bond among those who experienced a common geography. I belong to a Facebook group made up of folks from my hometown. In the summer of 2018, someone asked who remembered the pecan grove — a serene, magical area where ... Read More »