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Many Factors Can Contribute to Quality

Quality sets cotton apart from most agricultural commodities. That is, a bale of cotton possesses a unique set of characteristics that renders it suitable for certain uses, and less so for others. Producers are familiar with these characteristics as they show up in premium and discount tables and recap prices. Consumers see quality reflected in premium prices for high-end textiles and garments made from Pima, Sea Isle or others. Read More »

For Textile Mills Around the World – Cotton Quality Matters

What Customers Want by Michael Morrell, President, Olah, Inc. New York, NY Quality Still Counts I just returned home from the Kingpins denim show in Amsterdam, which was produced by my company, Olah Inc. Cotton was widely discussed by both exhibitors and visitors to the show, a unique group representing designers, mills, jeans companies and accessory suppliers in the denim ... Read More »

Don’t Underestimate Importance Of Cotton Brand

By Xi Jin, Manager of International Cooperation, China National Cotton Information Center Beijing, China Value In Brands The premium of cotton partly exists in quality, but mostly in brand. Tagging the cotton brand onto the end products will boost the value of cotton to a great extent. Supima, Giza, SJV, Certified FiberMax and Stoneville are good examples. Every time I ... Read More »

U.S. Goes To War Against Insects

Outfitting soldiers with clothing that effectively repels or kills insects is one of the strategies U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists are using to help protect U.S. military personnel deployed overseas against disease-transmitting mosquitoes and sand flies. As part of the Deployed War-Fighter Protection Research Program, scientists at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Center for Medical, Agricultural and Veterinary Entomol-ogy ... Read More »

Cotton Fashion Show – A 24-Hour Marathon

Everyone knows the basic economic principle of supply and demand. Well, Cotton Incorporated’s Consumer Marketing team has come up with a truly unique way to increase demand for cotton – a 24-hour fashion show featuring nothing but the fabric of our lives. Cotton has always been a part of America’s dress code, from casual day wear to evening elegant. Now, ... Read More »

Don’t Overlook Cotton’s Key Attributes

MR. SURESH KOTAK CHAIRMAN, KOTAK COMMODITIES MUMBAI, INDIA   It’s All About Quality It is said that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This common phrase could also apply to What Customers Want: straight line availability of cotton with the right attributes for the products they are producing. This, in turn, makes it easier to deliver ... Read More »

Spinners Need Fiber Analysis To Ensure Quality

By Andrew Macdonald Cotton/Textile Consultant ITMF Board Member Meeting Customer Demands What do customers want? The fast evolution of the textile industry is moving toward a more demanding customer. It places product performance initially on the basic raw material, but performance also is being expressed in the form of fashion that is comfortable, protective and lasting. That is why cotton ... Read More »