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Is Organic Cotton A Viable Option?

As the marketplace continues to demand organic options in purchasing choices, thoughtful discussion regarding organic cotton production continues to circulate in the Western Cotton Belt. Making the option work for an operation takes dedication to prepare for the transition to organic. Read More »

Bowen Flowers

Encouraged By Mississippi’s Cotton Acreage Outlook In 2014 By Tommy Horton Editor If you’re a cotton producer in Mississippi or other parts of the Mid-South, you’re feeling cautiously optimistic about the 2014 season. In fact, you might say that there is a sense of expectation about this year’s cotton crop. Some experts say that cotton could increase by 30 percent ... Read More »

More Cotton Acreage For MidSouth

If you read the cover story for April Cotton Farming or my Editor’s Note, you know that I spent some time recently in the Mississippi Delta visiting with long-time producer Bowen Flowers. Not only was it a chance to find out what his plans are for the 2014 season, but it was an opportunity to observe the North Delta as ... Read More »

Promising Outlook For 2014

When we look at our USDA estimated yield of 956 pounds per acre, most producers are disappointed. When comparing our yield with some of our other Delta states, we note that their yields were much higher. In my estimation, we had the potential, but it is hard to overcome the effects of three weeks of heavy rainfall in July and August. Read More »

Wild Ride For Missouri Cotton

In 1984, when I was fresh out of high school, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Ed Kowalski, who, at the time, was with the University of Missouri. About every 10 days, he came down to one of our local retailers, got a group of us together and taught us how to scout for thrips, plant bugs and worms during the pre-Bt days. Read More »

The China Factor

Since 2011, the Chinese government has purchased and stored almost 75 million bales of its production at a price well above world market prices. To meet its textile mills’ demand, about 20 million bales of that cotton have been sold, but as of early 2014, more than 50 million bales still resided in government storage.China’s stocks policy has been a recent boost for U.S. cotton farmers because its textile industry looked increasingly to the world market Read More »

Time To Start Planning For 2014

For all practical purposes, the 2013 cotton has been harvested. There may be a few isolated fields that haven’t been harvested, but these would be on the heavier, wetter soils that are prone to flooding. More importantly, the modules have been taken to the gins. I haven’t seen a module truck on the road for at least three weeks. Read More »