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Be Careful In The Heat When Doing Gin Repairs

We’re fortunate to live in what some people call the Sunbelt, but we call it the Cotton Belt. The winters are normally (last year excepted) mild, and spring and fall are usually beautiful. The summers… well they’re SUMMER. Hot and humid. Did I mention it was HOT!? This is also the time when a LOT of work is done on ... Read More »

Achieving Reasonable Reform

Before it was signed into law in mid-June by President Obama, the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) was overwhelmingly approved by the House (412-4) and Senate (91-7). The WRRDA authorizes the construction of major navigation and flood risk management projects. Of additional significance to agriculture is that the new measure also contains language designed to give farmers and ranchers some relief from EPA’s Spill Prevention Control Read More »

California Drought Causing Water Cutoffs

In a cascade of notices, the California Water Resources Control Board told junior water rights holders in the state’s major watersheds recently to immediately stop diverting water. The board says extreme drought leaves the watersheds without enough water to serve all water-rights holders. Cutoff notices went to about 2,700 junior water-rights holders in the Sacramento River watershed and northern delta; ... Read More »

Cotton’s Resilience Continues To Amaze

I heard somebody recently say that it was a bit discouraging to see all of this cool, wet weather in May. And, I had to agree with that assessment. When a farmer is trying to plant cotton on time in late April or throughout May, he doesn’t need a semi-wintry environment. But, then, I’ve also been reminded that this weather ... Read More »

Going With The Flow

The NCC is working to ensure that U.S. cotton warehouses understand why compliance with the minimum shipping standard in the USDA Commodity Credit Corporation's Cotton Storage Agreement is vital to the cotton industry's health. The NCC's Board of Directors earlier this year approved a NCC Cotton Flow Committee recommendation that will give USDA the ability to see shipping order scheduling exchanges between merchants and warehouses. Read More »

Start Season The Right Way

Getting a good stand and getting off to a good start are critical to making high-yield cotton. The newest cotton varieties available to producers across the Belt have outstanding yield potential. In fact, the latest trend is to talk NOT about how a given management practice can make you more yield but instead how it helps capture yield potential that ... Read More »

Increasing Profits Is The Main Goal

Daniel Fowler Fowler Crop Consulting, Inc. Roanoke Rapids, N.C. During the summers in high school and college, I scouted for two great consultants and went to work for one of them after graduating from North Carolina State University. Two years later, I started my own business – Fowler Crop Consulting, Inc. I love working with growers and helping them organize ... Read More »