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Average Crop In ’13

According to Dr. Chris Main in the November Cotton Consultant’s Corner, “It’s been a wild, late crop that has presented cotton producers with many challenges.” With this in mind, a good number of cotton producers have been surprised that their cotton crops, for the most part, turned out to be “average” once the pickers rolled through the fields. Following is ... Read More »

Farm Bill Frustration

Across the Belt, many farmers are frustrated by Congress’s dilly-dallying over the Farm Bill or resigned to a “no sense of urgency” attitude when it comes to the viability of our nation’s producers. Following is a sampling of what our readers who participated in the Web Poll had to say on this subject: • “Congress doesn’t seem to feel farmers ... Read More »

Managing A Late Crop

In many areas of the Belt, the cotton crop is somewhat behind schedule this year, requiring producers to make adjustments to their “normal” production practices. Thirty percent of the Web Poll respondents say they have had to deal with adjusting PGR rates, spraying more for insect pests, adjusting herbicide programs and keeping an eye on their irrigation scheduling. Following is ... Read More »

Respondents Cite ‘Government Control’

On May 21, 34 organizations – including the National Cotton Council (NCC) – sent a letter to all of the U.S. senators. These groups stated that they are committed to opposing “amendments on the Senate floor that might weaken the crop insurance program or amendments that might not link conservation compliance with crop insurance premium assistance.” Soon after, the Senate ... Read More »

Respondents React To Election Results

The November elections have come and gone; a president has been chosen; and the roster on Capitol Hill is in place. Cotton producers now have to assess the political environment in Washington, D.C., to try to determine what effect it will have on cotton. Ninety-two percent of the respondents in the November Web Poll expect to see some type of ... Read More »

No. 1 Influencer For 2013 Cotton Acres

As producers across the Belt wrap up their 2012 harvest, they are already contemplating how many acres they intend to plant to cotton in 2013. According to 82 percent of the respondents in the October Web Poll, price is by far the top influencer in the decision-making process. And, as grain prices remain at high levels, producers who have the ... Read More »