2018 Extension Cotton Specialist Of The Year

A former Extension cotton specialist with a reputation for thorough, concise work and quick reporting was recognized recently as the 2018 Extension Cotton Specialist of the Year, an annual award sponsored by Bayer during the Beltwide Cotton Conferences.

Andrea Jones, the first woman to be named Extension Cotton Specialist of the Year, technically was a research associate at the University of Missouri for most of her 18-year tenure.

“She took that position and became the de facto cotton specialist for Missouri through hard work, dedication and commitment to helping anyone in need,” says Darrin Dodds, Extension cotton specialist for Mississippi State University. “She occupied a position within the university but turned it into a defining role for over a decade through her efforts. She is to be commended for not being defined by a title on paper but rather dedicating herself to providing Missouri cotton producers with the latest information in an effort to increase their bottom line.”

Cotton specialists and other Extension personnel from across the Cotton Belt join Andrea Jones after the award presentation. Top row from left: Stu Duncan, Bill Robertson, Jared Whitaker, Keith Edmisten, Trey Cutts, Randy Boman, Randy Norton and Bob Hutmacher. Front row from left: Gaylon Morgan, Dan Fromme, Hunter Frame, Andrea Jones, Guy Collins, Tyson Raper, Seth Byrd, Tyler Sandlin, and Darrin Dodds.

Leadership And Service
Essentially, Jones saw a need and filled it.

“Andrea filled an important gap in the cotton specialists by building a strong cotton research and Extension program from scratch in Missouri,” says Keith Edmisten, Extension cotton specialist at North Carolina State University. “She was the ultimate team builder in our group and always willing to participate in Beltwide cotton specialists’ projects.”
Jones left the University of Missouri in July. She now works in a commercial role.

Extension cotton specialists who represent every cotton-producing state across the U.S. Cotton Belt vote on the prestigious award annually. Each year, the recipient’s peers evaluate and select a winner based on a number of considerations, including exceptional leadership and outstanding industry service. The Extension Cotton Specialist of the Year has been awarded since 1984 and sponsored by Bayer since 1998.

Bayer, with flagship brands FiberMax and Stoneville, recognizes the positive impact third-party research has on sustainability for farmers across the Cotton Belt.

“Third-party research to validate variety performance and tackle agronomic issues is essential to a healthy cotton industry in the United States, ” says Dr. Scott Asher, Bayer Eastern Regional Agronomic Manager. “Our highly credible Extension cotton specialists provide the data, the research and the collaboration growers need.”

Talented And Productive
Jones earned a bachelor’s degree from Southeast Missouri State University and a master’s from Arkansas State University. In addition to leading variety trials and field days, Jones conducted extensive research on irrigation and weed control. Jim English, director of the Division of Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri, notes that Jones evaluated 718 varieties from six different companies and led 51 cotton trials in her last year at the university.

“And that’s a typical year for her,” he says. “She is an extremely talented and productive person. She’s an awesome presenter and educator, and I think people come away with tremendous information. Her leaving was a loss for us, but she’s still in the industry and that’s what matters.”

Bayer contributed this article.

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