Industry News for April 2015

Americot Introduces Three Varieties For 2015

Following the deregulation of Bollgard II XtendFlex cotton by USDA in January, Americot is introducing three new Bollgard II XtendFlex cotton varieties for the 2015 growing season. The new varieties will incorporate two-gene insect protection and triple herbicide tolerance to three different herbicides – glyphosate, glufosinate and dicamba. Glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides are currently for use as in-crop herbicides for cotton in 2015, while over-the-top dicamba use is pending regulatory approval from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The new varieties are:
NG 3405 B2XF – This is a widely adapted variety across the entire Belt and has two-gene insect protection and triple herbicide tolerance.
NG 3406 B2XF B2XF – This is another widely adapted variety that is a good fit across the Belt. It also has two-gene insect protection and triple herbicide tolerance.
NG 5007 B2XF – This is a widely adapted variety for the Southeast, South Texas and where mid- to fullseason varieties are preferred.

Mahindra, Yahoo Sports Form Marketing Partnership

Mahindra USA and Yahoo Sports Radio are hitting the air with a comprehensive nationwide marketing partnership to support the continued growth of Mahindra’s brand and the company’s dealer network. The campaign provides Mahindra with a multi-platform presence on Yahoo Sports Radio’s network of more than 500 radio station affiliates. In this new partnership, Mahindra will be a presenting sponsor of Yahoo Sports Radio’s coverage updates of several of the largest sporting events of the year.

As part of the campaign, Mahindra is offering First Responders across America an opportunity to win a Mahindra eMax 22 HST tractor with a front-end loader. Go to for more details.

Dow Encourages Use Of Flag With New Enlist System

Dow AgroSciences has added a flag for the Enlist Weed Control System to the University of Arkansas’ Flag the Technology program. Building on the Roundup Ready system, the Enlist system is a new herbicide-tolerant trait technology that will provide weed control in corn, soybeans and cotton. Regulatory approvals are pending.

Started in 2010, the Flag the Technology program provides a visual reference for applicators to distinguish between fields planted with different herbicide-tolerant trait technologies.

Each participating technology has a distinct color scheme for its flag to alert applicators to the trait technology that has been planted. Dow officials are encouraging producers to place flags at each field’s main entrance and at the turn rows.

Food’s Future Discussed At Special BASF Event

As part of the co-creation activities that landmark its 150th anniversary year, BASF recently hosted a two-day Creator Space jamming event in Washington, D.C., to discuss the “future of food.” This event brought together more than 30 stakeholders from the entire food value chain, including farmers, academics, food manufacturers and logistic companies. The attendees discussed long-term challenges and far-future trends that may impact the food value chain in the years to come. During the jamming session, participants brainstormed ideas on topics such as affordability and access to food, personalized nutrition, transparency for consumers and food waste. For more information, interested parties may visit

Turkey Hosts Seminar On Cotton Contract Training

Ninety Turkish cotton professionals recently attended the International Cotton Association’s (ICA) Raw Cotton Contract training in Turkey. Specially developed for people working in the raw cotton industry, the training is designed to promote good trading practice and safer trading. With its practical and interactive delivery, it addresses the major topics of raw cotton contracting and the application of ICA Bylaws and Rules. ICA will host other training courses in various global locations during 2015 Visit for details.

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