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Consistent, High Yields And Grades

Jay Beaird

Jay Beaird farms with his grandfather Terry, father Faron, brother Terry Allen and brother-in-law Tyler Moore in West Tennessee. Jay and his father also have a custom harvesting business in Tennessee and South Texas. He says consistency is very important, and the PhytoGen varieties always deliver for him. Here Jay recounts his 2017 experience with PhytoGen® brand PHY 333 WRF, PHY 300 W3FE, PHY 330 W3FE and PHY 380 W3FE.

“While custom harvesting in South Texas, I was intrigued by the yields and grades I saw on PhytoGen cotton down there. I decided if the PhytoGen varieties performed that well in such a hot, dry climate, they would be good varieties to plant on my farm in Tennessee.

“Most of our farm is dryland. In my experience, the PhytoGen varieties will make cotton in hot, dry or wet weather. One of the main things I like is the vigor. At planting last year, we had cold, wet conditions and had to replant some cotton. We didn’t have to replant any of the PhytoGen varieties. We have glyphosate-resistant pigweeds on our farm, and Enlist Duo herbicide did a good job of controlling them. And although we heard of bollworm pressure around us, we never saw any damage in our WideStrike 3 varieties. We didn’t spray any of our PhytoGen varieties for bollworms.

“Whether I plant a PhytoGen variety on irrigated ground or on an old goat hill, it is consistent. In 2017, my PhytoGen varieties averaged 2½ bales per acre and the grades were excellent. They went into the loan at 53 to 54 cents a pound whereas the other varieties went in at 49 to 50 cents. Three to four cents per pound difference may not sound like a lot, but when you have more than 3,000 acres and make 2½ bales per acre, that’s a lot of money.

“I am planting 100 percent PhytoGen this year. I know it will come up and make good yields and grades. The PhytoGen varieties have always been consistent for me.”

®PhytoGen and the PhytoGen Logo are trademarks of PhytoGen Seed Company, LLC. ®™Enlist, Enlist Duo, Enlist One, the Enlist Logo and WideStrike 3 are trademarks of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow. The Enlist™ weed control system is owned and developed by Dow AgroSciences LLC. Enlist Duo and Enlist One™ herbicides are not registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Contact your state pesticide agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your area. Enlist Duo and Enlist One herbicides are the only 2,4-D products authorized for use in Enlist crops. Always read and follow label directions. PhytoGen Seed Company is a joint venture between Mycogen Corporation, an affiliate of Dow AgroSciences LLC, and the J.G. Boswell Company.

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