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Sustainable Cotton Makes Difference In Jeans Business

I have worked in the clothing business for many years, and I have seen several changes in the production and marketing of jeans. Today, we have new finishes and treatments that give designers a wide range of looks from which to choose. We also have a new appreciation for products that do not harm the environment and utilize sustainable production practices. Read More »

Urban Areas Encroach On Cotton

By Brent Murphree Maricopa, Ariz. In the Western Cotton Belt, cotton acreage has been in decline since the late 1980s. Much of the decline has been due to rapid urbanization in river valleys that support productive land area in the arid desert regions of the West. Production acres around larger metropolitan areas are most at risk from urban expansion, but ... Read More »

Unwarranted Targeting

For several years, the National Cotton Council has been engaged in activities involving honeybee health decline. Although pesticides are but one of multiple contributing factors that scientists have identified for this decline, these plant protection products are receiving unjustified attention. By Mark Lange NCC President/CEO What is the major concern? In March, a group of beekeepers and activists filed suit ... Read More »

Navigating The Regulatory Maze

By Mark Lange NCC President/CEO The National Cotton Council remains fully engaged in ever evolving regulations that can challenge producers’ ability to compete in the world marketplace. What about environmental issues? The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is the pit bull of environmental laws. It has no provisions for cost-benefit analyses and provides the authority to protect listed species at any ... Read More »

Sustainability: A Concept Whose Time Has Come

By Richard Shaw Manager, Research Logistics/Operations AgriThority Responding To Consumers Today, brands and retailers want sustainable products to meet anticipated consumer preference. A major driver has long been their own personal and corporate dedication to be “greener,” because it is the responsible thing to do. Farmers in the United States have adopted more sustainable production practices because it is the ... Read More »

Conservation, Efficiency: Keys To Arizona Farms’ Water Issues

By Tommy Horton Editor No region of the Cotton Belt is immune to water issues affecting producers and their urban neighbors. From California to the Carolinas, the ongoing challenge is to find available water that can keep all parties happy. This is becoming even more of a major test in Arizona where the interests of farmers are pitted against growing ... Read More »

Was It A Perfect Field Of Cotton

By Tommy Horton Editor I ran across something rather remarkable a couple of weeks ago driving north on US 61 through the Mississippi Delta. It was so remarkable that I am quite sure I’ll never forget the experience. I know this will sound downright absurd and maybe even preposterous, but I believe I ran across the most beautiful field of cotton ... Read More »