Snowy Days In Memphis

Don’t worry about certain areas of the Cotton Belt not having enough soil moisture before planting begins. Record snowfall across the Belt has taken care of any early drought possibilities in key regions. At least, that’s the impression here in Memphis, Tenn., where we’ve dealt with snow and ice a couple app of times during the last three weeks.

Obviously, our situation doesn’t begin to compare with what is happening to our friends on the East Coast who continue to deal with historic snowfall this month.

The weather certainly was the topic of discussion for those who attended the National Cotton Council’s Annual wholesale jerseys meeting in Memphis, Feb. 4-8. In fact, attendees deserved a special award Keep for enduring the hazardous conditions on Monday, Feb. 8, when the latest snowstorm hit Memphis.

Still, it was another informative event with some excellent speakers, such as Rep. Travis Childers (D-Ark.) who addressed the National Cotton Ginners meeting. Even though Childers is a first-term congressman, he has aligned himself with the cotton industry in a significant way. He has been proactive on several fronts for the industry since taking Orleans his seat About on the House Ag Committee.

When he spoke to the ginners, he re-emphasized how he could not support any climate change legislation that would adversely farmers and ginners. That is just a prime example of how Childers, a Democrat, has forged a very independent voice Reading in Washington. Having this kind of advocate for agriculture and cotton is a plus for our industry.

Not only has Childers been an outspoken supporter of cotton, but he has taken steps to demonstrate that commitment in other ways. When he cheap jerseys led a recent tour of Mississippi’s First Congressional District and showed how adverse weather had devastated farmland there, he definitely won over some friends in the ag sector.

Childers’ address proved once again that it pays for cotton to have friends on both the Democrat and Republican sides of the aisle in Congress. That’s wholesale MLB jerseys been the key to cotton’s success in its relationship with Congress through the years. And it will continue to be crucial to the industry’s future as well.

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