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Late-Season Online Resources

If local information from crop consultants or Extension agents is unavailable and a Western cotton producer needs quick access to crop information, there are a number of online resources available to help them explore late-season production options. For agronomic, irrigation, pest control and defoliation concerns, California, Arizona and New Mexico producers can obtain up-to-date, seasonal information from grower organizations and ... Read More »

Pest Thresholds In Cotton

Monitoring cotton pest thresholds has proven to be one of the more successful tools for keeping insect pressures in check. In the West, established research-based thresholds aid in determining treatment of cotton pests. Adherence to those standards can be the difference between making or breaking the crop. “These work in the majority of situations, provided producers stay within the guidelines,” ... Read More »

State Support Program In The West

Although cotton producers in the West have seen a decrease in Cotton Research and Promotion Program (CRPP) State Support Program (SSP) funding over the past few years due to the decline of cotton production in the region, the SSP continues to finance important projects in California, Arizona and New Mexico. Following closely the mission of Cotton Incorporated, the SSP strives ... Read More »

Arid-Land Research Center: Cotton Focus

Cotton research at the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center in Maricopa, Ariz., ensures that systems benefitting agriculture in arid and semi-arid Western regions are also important throughout the United States. The Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center is the only remaining federally funded research facility with a cotton focus in the Western growing region, following USDA’s closure ... Read More »

Infrastructure Can Meet Current Needs

Cotton acreage in the West is up over last year, but a number of gin closings in important cotton production areas are putting a limit on how much cotton can be produced on some of the most productive agricultural land in the country. Given production numbers in the West in 2015, the 2016 crop’s approximately 25 percent increase will not ... Read More »

Special Interest Projects Funded

The Cotton Research and Promotion Program continues to support Western cotton growers with research programs specifically tailored to the region through Cotton Incorporated’s State Support Program. This program allows regional cotton organizations to have direct input into the funding of projects within each state. While Cotton Incorporated is already on the ground throughout the Cotton Belt with an understanding of ... Read More »

Western Ginner Associations Hold Annual Meetings

Keeping their growers informed is a priority for most cotton ginners. But how do ginners themselves stay informed on the most topical issues in the cotton industry? They can take advantage of their state or regional cotton ginners association for information and advice. And all ginner associations have annual meetings to conduct delegate selection or officer election. Most meetings include ... Read More »