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NC State Launches New Cotton Planting Forecast Tool

NC State planting calculator

A new, very impressive cotton planting conditions calculator has been created by Dr. Guy Collins and Dr. Keith Edmisten with help from the Climatology Office at North Carolina State University. In this post, I highlight a few of the features and provide an example of how the calculator works. Over the past several days, I’ve visited with individuals using this ... Read More »

Livin’ On A Prayer Depicts 2018 Season

carroll smith

When Bon Jovi’s hit song “Livin’ on a Prayer” was released three decades ago, it quickly rose to the No. 1 spot on the Hot 100 chart on Valentine’s Day 1987, according to Billboard. The lyrics particularly appeared to resonate with hard-working people trying to “hold on to what we’ve got.” Today, the phrase “livin’ on a prayer” has evolved ... Read More »

Early Season Management

Arkansas cotton bill robertson

Changing weather patterns have again shaken up the 2018 planting season in the San Joaquin Valley. The good news is we finally got some rain and snowpack in the late winter and very early spring, along with promise of at least a little more irrigation water. The uncertain news includes delays in getting some fields planted due to cool, wet ... Read More »

End Of Texas Drought?

Texas High Plains cotton

High Plains Producer Says It’s Full Speed Ahead For Cotton BY SHAWN HOLLADAY LAMESA, TEXAS EDITOR’S NOTE – Texas High Plains producer Shawn Holladay has somehow survived a four-year drought and record rainfall this spring. However, he remains confident that this year’s cotton crop has a chance to survive because of excellent water supplies. Today, for the first time in ... Read More »

Storms Don’t Deter Texas Farmers

Do you ever wonder if the rest of the country really appreciates the plight of cotton farmers? Maybe that’s a ridiculous question. But it’s still intriguing to hear how the national media recently reported on a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico. Everything was mentioned in the various updates except how farmers in a particular region might be coping ... Read More »

Record Rainfall Creates Surprises

One reason I like production agriculture is because no two years are ever alike. You have to muster all your agronomic skills to deal with the crazy situations that Mother Nature hands to you. This year’s craziness has been continuous rainfall at planting time when we were supposed to be experiencing a drought. We received so much rain that fields were planted piecemeal as opportunities arose. In many cases, planting opportunities boiled down to having only a few hours in which to plant rather than several consecutive days. This is the first time in my 35 years as an agricultural consultant in the Plainview, Texas, area that rainfall has delayed cotton planting to the extent that many producers made the decision to switch from cotton to sorghum or corn because the probability of maturing an irrigated cotton crop that was planted in June was significantly diminished.So, what’s next? On the positive side, most areas are starting with a full soil profile of moisture. This will be beneficial to all crops we grow. But, if drought conditions do arrive later in the season, a full soil profile at planting will be of little consequence without timely in-season rains or irrigations. Read More »

Acreage May Increase In 2014

The NCC Planting Intentions Survey shows less than a one percent increase in acreage for Missouri. Based on past reports, this may or may not happen with a lot depending on the weather. In the past, I have noticed that the Missouri intentions are usually overestimated. Read More »