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Three New Initiatives Move Consumers To Purchase Cotton

Cotton Incorporated has a renewed, refreshed approach to its goal of increasing consumer demand for cotton. Last year, the organization launched “Cotton. It’s Your Favorite for a Reason” television advertising campaign and is now taking it a step further by giving consumers every opportunity to shop for their favorite fabric. Over the summer, Cotton Incorporated’s Consumer Marketing team set in ... Read More »

Webcasts Provide Real-Time, Reputable Information

Cotton Incorporated is dedicated to providing valuable tools and resources to cotton farmers as part of an overall commitment to improving the profitability of growing cotton. To help achieve the goal, Cotton Incorporated has partnered with the Plant Management Network to create Focus on Cotton webcasts. Accessible 24-7, this online suite provides real-time access to scientific information that can be ... Read More »

Technology Reinvents Cotton

As consumers continue to incorporate more fitness into their daily routines, they want to be able to wear the same clothing not just during sports but also during everyday activities, such as grocery shopping or to the office. Cotton is proving to be a competitive – and dry – player in this category, sometimes referred to as “athleisure.” Cotton’s natural ... Read More »

New Campaign Launches Rally Cry

renew your faith in cotton

As the Cotton Research and Promotion Program enters its 50th year, The Cotton Board is launching a new campaign directed at producers that will give them the confidence needed to renew their faith in cotton.It is a hard time to be a cotton farmer. Cotton is entering into new territory, a time when prices are low, market share is declining and federal farm policy isn’t what many had hoped it would be. The Cotton Research and Promotion Program (the Program) has a positive story to tell and a legacy to back it up, but it must not get bogged down in the past. So the new campaign is a forward-looking rally cry for the cotton industry, letting the cotton-growing community know that the Program is pressing on and the possibilities are limitless. Fifty years ago, another generation of cotton producers formed a public/private partnership to strengthen research and promotion for cotton. The producers who helped launch the Cotton Research & Promotion Program in 1966 faced similar challenges of declining market share, low prices and energized competition. They came together to ensure the future of cotton in the marketplace and in their communities. There is no single reason why cotton is again facing declining market share and disappointing prices, but there is only one group throughout the world that is actively trying to do something about it – the U.S. cotton industry. Only the U.S. cotton industry invests this amount of effort and level of funding into cotton research and promotion to increase cotton consumption worldwide. Read More »

Cotton Program Reaches 50-Year Milestone

The Cotton Research and Promotion Program (the Program) will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2016. The Program is carried out by cotton farmers and cotton importers who work together to increase the demand for and profitability of cotton. Its purpose is to educate consumers about cotton and to research, innovate, and promote cotton and cotton products. History By the mid-1960s, ... Read More »