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Producer’s Priorities Dictate Variety Choices

By Fred Bourland Keiser, Ark. EDITOR’S NOTE – Fred Bourland is a cotton breeder and manager of the Northeast Ag Research Station in Keiser, Ark. In the following report, he discusses the important decisions facing a cotton producer when he chooses new varieties to plant. Choosing the best cotton variety for a given situation can be highly beneficial to a ... Read More »

Planting Decisions Start Now For 2015

It is a consistent theme each year when cotton seed companies announce their lineups for the new crop season. Some varieties have a longer shelf life than others and remain on the market. Meanwhile, new ones always appear – or so it seems. The question is how does a farmer make an informed decision with so many options. As you’ll ... Read More »

Why Not Auction Your Cotton?

If you want to sell something for the highest possible price, you should try a method that dates back to around 500 B.C. That’s around the time humans first used auctions as a means to a higher price. Your first thought may be, “I’ve never heard of an auction for cotton.” And you are correct if you think an auction ... Read More »

Defoliation – Art Or Science?

I have been fascinated with cotton my entire life. I recall my father, while working on his graduate degree at the USDA Boll Weevil Research Lab in Starkville, Miss., in the late 1960s, returning from a trip to Guatemala and Mexico. He told me of native cotton plants he had seen that were large enough to support a man. At that young age, it was explained to me that cotton was a woody perennial plant that man had modified to grow as an annual. Thus, it is of no surprise that as we prepare to terminate the crop, it tends to resist. Read More »

New Tools Available To Fight Plant Bugs

plant bugs

The troublesome plant bug is a cotton insect pest that is persistent – or so it seems. There is simply no other way to describe this devilish bug. It has always been around, but when the boll weevil eradication effort kicked into high gear in the 1980s and 1990s, the environment gradually changed. That’s when the plant bug began to ... Read More »

Resilient Cotton

Arkansas Producer Sam Stuckey’s Crop Has Weathered The Storm Cotton has always had a reputation for being able to withstand a lot of adversity during a long production season. If you want proof of that statement, pay a visit to the Stuckey Farms operation in eastern Arkansas. That’s where you’ll find a remarkable crop that has already withstood heavy rains. ... Read More »