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Brazil: Less Demand Dampens Cotton Outlook

BY BRUNO ZANUTTO MANAGER/COTTON GROUP FCSTONE DO BRAZIL LTDA. INTL FCStone Inc. It’s hard to remember but at one time Brazil, now the world’s fifth largest cotton producer,er, was once a net cotton importer. Production was limited by the climate diversity of the country and the lack of seed varieties that could adapt to those environments. However, things began to ... Read More »

Uzbekistan: Demand Increases For Country’s Cotton

BY JIM LAMBERT DIRECTOR OF SALES FCSTONE MERCHANT SERVICES INTL FCStone Inc. 15 cotton season started off with a thump as most of the country’s key cotton-producing provinces experienced adverse weather conditions, which delayed planting. Despite the early setback, farmers were able to complete planting by the last half of May. This was supported by local USDA attaché reports, which ... Read More »

Another Tool For Nematode Control?

When a cotton producer has spent nearly four decades fighting insect pests, it’s nice to find a new plan of attack. That is one way of describing Alabama producer Charlie Speake’s situation near Eufaula in the southern part of the state as he continues to wage war against nematodes. He has tried several approaches against these microscopic pests. First, he ... Read More »

India: World’s No. 1 Cotton-Producing Country

BY CHRIS KRAMEDJIAN RISK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT, COTTON FCSTONE LLC INTL FCStone Inc. As a long-time runnerup to China’s cotton story, India is now taking center stage, at least as the world’s largest producer. India’s agriculture is critically dependent on the monsoon, and this year’s late start resulted in a large, unexpected shift toward cotton acreage as farmers opted for a ... Read More »

China: A Bear Market Looming For 2015?

BY GARY RAINES COMMODITY NETWORK CHIEF ECONOMIST, FIBERS AND TEXTILES INTL FCStone Inc. With cotton production increasingly concentrated in one province, Xin-jiang, and a generous subsidy now in place for pro- ducers of the fiber located there, the Chinese government finally has announced the long awaited subsidy program for the eastern cotton-producing provinces. The country’s National Development and Reform Commission ... Read More »

Producer’s Priorities Dictate Variety Choices

By Fred Bourland Keiser, Ark. EDITOR’S NOTE – Fred Bourland is a cotton breeder and manager of the Northeast Ag Research Station in Keiser, Ark. In the following report, he discusses the important decisions facing a cotton producer when he chooses new varieties to plant. Choosing the best cotton variety for a given situation can be highly beneficial to a ... Read More »